Annual Report

Innovation trumps in 2019

You can download the full report via this link:
Proviron Annual Report 2019 (pdf)

2019 was a year of challenges, but with a lot of novelty. We gave a new look and feel to our offices and meeting rooms in Ostend and we set up a brand new warehouse. Not only our infrastructure but also our organization brought a breath
of fresh air in 2019: new faces came to strengthen our team while others were preparing for a new position. The Animal Health, Microalgae and Tolling departments were given new, but well-known commercial managers. Thanks to the changes made in the two latter units, we can focus even better on the development and sales of the products of these departments. In addition, we also came up with some new developments last year. In short, in 2019 we developed exciting new applications with a relatively small but agile team. And that suits a company like Proviron very well.

Safety first

In terms of safety, 2019 was a very good year in which we continued the positive trend of 2018. Last year we had no significant incidents. We continue to work towards an incidentfree future. The new bicycle lease programme was a direct hit among our employees, although caution on the way to work must still be exercised. That is already a working point for 2020.

New developments & more demand

The automotive industry came to a standstill in 2019 and we have also felt the consequences. However, the positive results of the Animal health and growth products were able to limit that.
For these products is still room for further growth thanks to the extensive research that we are conducting and the new opportunities that this creates. In addition, 2019 was also the year of increasing interest in Proviron. Our Open Day in May has never attracted so many visitors. They all discovered the many applications in everyday life for which our products are used. At the K-show, the largest plastics fair in the world, there was also more interest than ever in both our company and our products. Especially our 100% biobased PVC plasticizer based on soy oil attracted a lot of attention.

Leo Michiels
Chairman of the Board